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Website Chatbot | Free Tutorial 🤖

website chatbot tutorial

In this video we show you how we are converting more sales by putting a simple website chatbot on our site.  We are loving chatbots at the moment. They are easy to set-up and ensure you have the RIGHT conversations with the RIGHT people. In this tutorial too, the technology is completely free to get…

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Facebook Live Tips | Make Money, Have Confidence 🙌

We wanted to share with you our best Facebook Live tips to help you get massive reach, hold attention, get engagement… and most importantly let you in on some killer tips of how we get leads and sales from Facebook Live too. Firstly, does the thought of doing a Facebook Live sound incredibly daunting to…

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Brand Colours To Make Your Business STAND OUT

Are your brand colours hitting the mark? How do you choose your brand colours? How many should you have? How do you build your brand identity first? We believe the aesthetic part of your brand should reflect who you are and what your business is all about, right? 👉 Put your brand colours to the…

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy [Small Business Ultimate Plan]

LinkedIn is blowing up right now, have you seen that too? Our members are seeing huge amounts of views & engagement on their posts and an increase in sales. Personally, some of our posts have had 100’s of comments and hundreds of thousands of reach too… But how does that translate into sales? 👉 Watch…

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Down to 1 Cracker | S02E10 of The Andrew and Pete Show

In the last episode of The Andrew and Pete Show Season 2, the Ultimate Marketing Champion is REVEALED… but there’s a twist, Pete takes an ice bath, and there are value bombs a plenty including: – How Tim Schmoyer grew his team and made £15K after taking just the first step – How do you…

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Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses To Guarantee Reach & Engagement

Not quite sure what to post on Facebook to get results? Try these Facebook post ideas, they are some our best performing posts – and will get you higher reach! 👉 Watch the video for steal-able posts ideas to get you great reach!  👉FACEBOOK 360 PHOTO TEMPLATE 👉 BUILD YOUR OWN FACEBOOK MESSENGER BOT: In just 4 easy…

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