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Business Owners: How To Stop Getting In Your Own Way!

How to stop getting in your own way by Jo Robinson

Over my years practising as a therapist, first as a Counsellor and then a Psychologist, people tend to assume that I’m “sorted”. They think I’ve got life sussed and that I must be able to handle pretty much any situation that crops up. Well, as much as I’d like to say the above is true,…

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How to Create a Better Work Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

work life balance

Being in business is great! You can work when you want, pop out for a round of golf whenever, meet your friends for lunch and if you’re tired, just have a nap! OR… slightly more realistically: 5am starts to get to networking meetings Skipped meals Launches Worry about getting customers/clients Tech headaches Work encroaching your private…

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How to structure your BIG ideas in presentations

Did you know that they way we convey ideas to others can be compared to the decay of radioactive substance? Thought not, let me explain. A half life The scientific definition of a half life (not the computer game!) is the length of time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay… well, for half…

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The top five reasons for using PowerPoint templates (not)

What’s a template? Templates are blank, pre-prepared slides. You fill them in and “hey-presto!” you’ve got a slide deck for your presentation. You get some when you buy PowerPoint; you can get free ones online; you can even pay for them. Here’s the sales-shot of a popular one. All you have to do is double-click…

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The Must-Try Google Chrome Extensions for your Business

Guest Post by ATOMIC Member Allison Christie There are over 10,000 Google Chrome extensions, so it’s easy to get lost when it comes to picking the ones that are really going to make a difference to running your business. Extensions range from cat/dog/supercar wallpapers to powerful productivity tools and mean you can customise your Chrome…

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How Social Selling Works

A Guest Blog by ATOMIC Member Jaz Greer. Everyone looks to Social Media as being the Holy Grail for getting sales and new business… but HOW do you get this to work for you and your business? Yes there are a few Tricks to making this work, irrespective of what your business activity is and…

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