Facebook Retargeting Ads | Easy Tutorial

facebook retargeting ads

You’ve probably heard about how awesome Facebook Ads are… but if done wrong… they can be a big waste of time or money or BOTH! So we asked our friend and ATOMICON 2020 speaker… Gavin Bell, who is one of the top Facebook ads guys in the GALAXY… if he wouldn’t mind showing all of…

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How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences

Stop wasting money, boosting Facebook posts to badly targeted audiences. Facebook Custom Audiences are a great way of using Facebook Ads to show the right people, the right messages. And this video shows you how to set them up! This is a must watch if you feel like you are: Getting traffic but no conversions…

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The Cute Factor in Marketing (Video Example)

Check out this American Super Bowl advert. It’s one of our favourites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlNO2trC-mk 2 main reasons why we think this advert works so well… 1. Brand Play – keep watching till the end for the tagline – so clever, so simple – it just works! We aren’t going to spoil it if you haven’t watched…

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