Free Shows:

The YouTube Show!

Weekly video series, where we show you how to create a STAND OUT brand and business with content marketing in under 5 mins each week. Always fun, always creative, and it's FREE.

Andrew & Pete vs. Dan & Lloyd

Be prepared to LEARN a ton and LAUGH a ton, as we go head to head with Dan and Lloyd from KPS Digital Marketing... challenging each other to create marketing training videos with a twist...

The Andrew and Pete Show Podcast

The Andrew and Pete show is a podcast that combines all the fun and games of a radio show, whilst interviewing some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable marketeers and entrepreneurs on the planet!

Atomic-Members Only Shows:

Content Mavericks

Content Marketing can be so overwhelming, it's hard to know what to do first... SEO? Social? Email Marketing? Videos? Blogs? Content Mavericks is a proven 7 step process to grow your business with insanely shareable content. Basically, we give you the roadmap to quicker success. 


Email Marketing is the number 1 way to get business! If you want to rapidly grow your list with hot leads and learn to sell to your list properly - this is the email marketing course for you!


Need a knockout Social Media Strategy? Wrestling with your focus? Ready to tap-out? OK, all puns aside... Social Media can be a blessing or a curse for business owners. Easy to see results, but easy to be lost down a rabbit hole. In this show you'll formulate a Social Media Marketing Strategy that works, keeps you focused, and grows your business. Can you smell what Andrew and Pete are cooking?

Build your Bot Month!

In just 4 easy to follow episodes we will show you how to build a Facebook Messenger Bot so you can benefit from higher open rates, instant responses, higher Facebook reach, higher Facebook engagement, massive audience growth, automated customer service and automated sales funnels... all with your new Messenger chat bot...

Ready to Play

Learn everything you need to start creating amazing videos for your business. This show is full on practical - packed with guidance on equipment, shooting and editing videos for your marketing strategy.

Pod 'n Roll

Podcasting is an incredibly deep form of content creation and allows people to listen to you whatever they're doing... but it's also super quick and easy to create. This show will have you producing rocking content in no time.

Rule Breakers Online Conference

You can't get ahead of your competition by doing what everyone else has done before you. To win, we must break the mould, do something different, be... a Rule Breaker. We asked 29 of the very best online marketers to take part in a 5 day online event, to teach their very best rule breaking tactics and strategies across Social Media, Digital Tactics, Content Strategy, Big Picture Thinking, and a whole lot more.

The How To Show

The most practical and hands-on ATOMIC Show. We share our screen and train you up on the latest software and time saving tools.

Andrew, Pete and Friends

In this show we get our friends to do the hard work. Luckily, we have pretty clever friends! Learn from the top marketers in the game as we dig deep on each specialist topic. Deep dive guest expert training sessions filled with banter, fun and astonishing value!

Summer Lovin'

Running your own business is tough, and everything comes down to YOU! How well YOU look after yourself and how well YOU perform directly impacts how fast you can succeed. Feel more confident, make better decisions, have more energy and be more productive after these 4 sessions.

A&P Talks

Masterclasses and presentations from Andrew and Pete. Fun, deeply practical and in-depth guides, how-to's and strategy to help you get further, faster. Everything from algorithm hacks to Twitter strategies. 

Organised Chaos

Achieve more in the next 6 months than in the last 5 years with our show all about getting more focused and organised so that you can get more done in less time. No more overwhelm and stress, and no more wondering down rabbit holes!


Learn how to master the art of selling with integrity. If you've ever struggled to close the sale, talk to potential customers on the phone, negotiate higher prices and are sick of slashing prices to get a deal - this show is for you. Make more money than ever before and feel confident about selling!


Listen to ATOMIC on the go and learn how to grow your business no matter where you are! This is a podcast exclusive to members only - where we help keep you on the cutting edge.

Game Plan

Plan your most successful year yet. Find out which content you need to be creating to grow your audience and sell your services - and in what order to create them!


People have been using the hashtag #AtomiconChangesLives - because it does! Finally discover the secret to BIG results! This is truly transformational for businesses. Get all the recorded sessions from our premier conference to watch on demand!