30 day challenge to get new clients

only £1 to take part


  • Want to get brand new customers this month.
  • Have a new product/service and want to get your first buyers.
  • Want to get better customers for what you currently sell.
  • Want to launch or have launched a course or membership, and need more customers.


How the Challenge Works

EASY and quick to start

After working with 1000s of small business owners, we devised this challenge to help conquer the biggest barriers that hold people back from getting more clients.

It's broken down into 6 key areas, and you get access to the full challenge on day 1 to work through at your own pace over the 30 days. There's also an optional email guide to help you navigate through the 30 days and keep you on track


? No super long videos to watch. The majority of the challenge is guided written copy with activities for you to complete


? You get access to a 24/7 supportive community group to help you along the way, and ask questions as you go


? Stop waiting for leads. Over 400 people have done this challenge currently, and it works. It's not difficult, it just gives you ultimate focus on what you need to proactively do in order to drive sales. You in?

Hey, if we haven't met,
we're andrew and pete

We simply love helping small business owners and solopreneurs smash their potential! We also like to have a lot of fun, it should be exciting to run a business, right? Here's some of our career highlights so far that we're proud of:

  • Founders of ATOMIC: a leading membership organisation for small and mighty business owners
  • Keynoting the worlds largest social media marketing conference in San Diego in front of 5,000 people - eek!
  • Writing two hit books, 'The Hippo Campus' and 'Content Mavericks'
  • Winning Digital Marketing Company of the Year award
  • Ranked in the Top 100 Digital Marketers in the World by Brand 24
  • Hired by Fortune 100 companies like Citi Bank, American Express, Xero and Hubspot
  • Breaking the multiple 6 figure income mark
  • Being featured in Huffington Post, Inc., BBC Radio and beyond

We're Looking forward to meeting you!



^ Note: we are usually wearing cheesy grins, but this is our best 'you got this' faces. We're not that cool, don't worry.




Included in the challenge is the Lead Generator Playbook, which includes over 70 different ways you can get new clients.

In the challenge we'll teach you how to decide which lead generator to try first, depending on your business type and how established you are.

It includes ideas for start-ups and established businesses, and an organiser to keep you on track.


  • 1:1 Personalised advice from us, Andrew and Pete (Ranked top 100 Digital Marketers in the world)
  • Fool-proof step by step training on how to do client meeting/calls that convert
  • One of the worlds best sales trainers showing you how to handle ANY objections you receive to buying
  • Over 70 proven 'Lead Generators' to show you how to get a new client this month (All categorised by type of business)
  • A professionally designed, fully customisable sales proposal template
  • How to use 'Urgency Creators' to get prospects over the line
  • 24/7 Group Support
  • 'Sales Tracker' to find your low hanging fruit
  • Training on how to write a highly converting sales page
  • Accountability emails and support to keep you on track
  • 'Show Off Sheet' to help you describe your product/service to make it sound irresistible
  • 'Progress Reports' and 1:1 feedback from us to keep you on track!
  • Fool-proof step by step training on how to do client meeting/calls that convert
  • Even a 3 minute pep talk to get you fired up before any sales/client calls (yes really, we've thought of everything!)

how is this only £1!?
is there a catch?

This is an ATOMIC Members only challenge, and you can get your first 30 days of ATOMIC membership for £1, to take this challenge in your first 30 days.

However... we have a no-automatic subscription policy. So after your 30 days, you WILL NOT be charged anything else.


What happens after 30 days?

You will have 30 days to complete the challenge.

After your 30 days you will be offered the chance to continue with your membership, if you wish. There's no hard sell, and your membership will be automatically cancelled if you don't go ahead.

If you do want to continue, ATOMIC is currently £595/year, but you can split that over a payment plan if you wish. We'll work with you to find a plan that suits your financial situation.


Am I a fully fledged ATOMIC member for 30 Days?

Yes, you'll get not only this challenge, but all the training materials, and benefits of ATOMIC Membership for a full 30 days with no strings attached. You can use all the features of ATOMIC to help you with this challenge too. You can read more about all of those here >.

This challenge works:




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