We are a small business and understand the need to make marketing more efficient and easier. We do this for ourselves by using all these tools on this page, and want to share them with you too!

We have tried and tested all of the below, so drop us a tweet if you have any questions about them.

Some of these links may be affiliate links, which means if you purchase after clicking on them, we may get a commission, however none of the prices have been inflated to compensate us.

Social Media


Manage Flitter

We use Manage Flitter to keep track of our Twitter followers, find new interesting people to connect with, and to schedule some recurring posts. There is a free version, but we find the Pro Version at $12/month extremely good value for money. 

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By far our favourite octopus in the world. Edgar is a breath of fresh air to us, and saves us so much time each and every week with our social media scheduling. He starts at $49/month so more expensive than many tools, however the returns are more than worth it, in our opinion. 

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If you are content curating and sharing a lot of other people's stuff on social media then this is great tool to share the benefits and drive some traffic back to your site too. 

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Click to Tweet

We LOVE this tool. It makes sharing your stuff on social media as easy as a click. We use it especially well in our email marketing. 

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Email Marketing



There are countless email service providers out there, but in our opinion we think Mailchimp is the best for small businesses wanting to get going with Email Marketing. 

There is a free version to try it out, but we would definitely recommend getting a paid package to get rid of the Mailchimp branding and unlock the automation features. 

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Web Design and Hosting


Blue Host

We have been using Blue Host as our web host since we launched atomic and we have always been really impressed. It is very easy to use and they are a very easy company to deal with, with fantastic support and a great Live Chat system for quick fixes and answers.

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Instapage - Landing Page Software

One of the lesser known landing page companies out there, we came across Instapage one day and the designers in us fell in love. It is extremely easy to make beautifully designed, highly flexible landing pages or mini websites with Instapage. Great for your lead generation or list building. 

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