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The Humble Business Card

A marketing staple is the humble business card. Everyone has one, or everyone should have one. And there are loads of ways you can make yours stand out. Firstly you need to get the basics right. Here’s some things to think about when getting yours designed… Make sure your business card has what you do…

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Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

“The biggest winner is not the brand that’s first into the market-place, but the one that’s first into people’s minds.” Jack Trout and Al Ries, Positioning Experts Throughout atomic, we talk a lot about Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA for short). This should be your goal to achieve. Think of it as climbing the rankings…

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A Brand that Zags

When everybody zigs, ZAG! As Martin Neumier points out in his fantastic book ‘Zag’, “For most companies, the problem with radical differentiation is the ‘radical’ part. If nobody’s doing it, you’d be crazy to do it yourself, right? Wrong. In fact, if you’re looking to become the leader in a new market space, the rule…

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The Middle Man Theory

We would like to share with you today something we learnt when we first set up our business. We had just moved to Newcastle, we didn’t really know anybody in business, and had to find customers… FAST! So one day we were talking about how to get in front of the right people, and we…

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Can Your Website be Buyer Centric

Most websites when built are ‘product centric’ i.e. they’ll have the home page, about, contact, and then a page for each product/service. We aren’t saying this is wrong, this is the right way to do it for some businesses. But for others, adopting a ‘buyer centric’ approach to website design could be more effective. What…

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Is Direct Mail Dead? Not with Lumpy Mail

With the rise of email, blogging, newsletters and social media accounts all becoming the new standard way to keep in touch with your clients, we asked ourselves “Is direct mail really dead?” By direct mail, we mean traditional mail, you know the type of mail you put a stamp on, and go put it in…

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