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Kick Ass Vlogs & BLOGS

A Merry Christmas Song

In the spirit of Christmas, we recorded you a special version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Yes believe it or not, we actually SANG for you. But we couldn’t do it alone. Check out the official Marketing choir… too late for a Christmas Number 1 campaign? A BIG thanks to our special guests…. Amy…

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What Brits Think of American Buzzwords

It’s Christmas… we’re in a happy mood… so we wanted to have some fun this week, whilst giving away some cash! You know, even though we love marketing… if you think about it… most of the buzzwords marketers throw around sound pretty stupid. To prove it, we asked some regular people, what they thought, with…

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Facebook Live: Getting Started & How Not to be Scared

We invited our fellow marketing buddy Ian Anderson Gray onto our YouTube channel this week, to talk about his killer social media tip: get started with FACEBOOK LIVE. If you want to get visible on Social Media these days, then you can’t ignore broadcasting live, with Facebook Live being a great option to get you…

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How to Create Twitter Lists Automatically

UPDATE: From 7th Feb 2017, IFFT has discontinued List Support 🙁 If you aren’t using Twitter Lists then you are using Twitter WRONG! Simple as that. Twitter Lists make Twitter actually usable! They segment all the people you are interested in (whether you are following them or not), into easy to manage streams of people,…

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The Best Way To Grow Your Audience

In this video we show you an awesome strategy for growing your audience, and the best thing is… it works on 99% of platforms… your blog, your social channels, you podcast, everything! Once you’ve watched it, check out this extra bonus download… How To Reach Out To Influencers – And Getting Them To Say Yes!…

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Awkward Customers – Who Needs Them!?

This video plays out your deepest, darkest fantasies… What you wish you could really say to your most awkward customers. Give it a share if you’ve ever felt our pain. #FUNYOURBIZ AND GET US IN YOUR INBOX EACH WEEK Get a new short video every week, that teaches you how to effectively market your small…

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