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How to increase your audience retention rates

How To Increase Your Audience Retention Rates | Instantly Double Your Retention 💥

Confession – we used to be terrible at video! In fact our first YouTube videos weren’t even our ‘first’ videos – they were so bad and now thankfully deleted forever! 😅 BUT now we seem to have found a knack for creating engaging videos, in fact we’ve managed to increase our retention rates from the…

Blog Planning

Blog Planning for Remarkable Content

Do you struggle with blog planning? Ever sat down to write a blog and just stared at a blank piece of paper for agggges? Yeh, us too! It sucks 😬 So, we did we something about it and created a content breakdown planner so that you will never have writer’s block again and to ensure ALL…

How a Narrow Focus Leads to Wider Opportunities

How a Narrow Focus Leads to Wider Opportunities

STEAMTASTICALLY SOCIAL Andrew and Pete literally changed my business. No exaggeration. Or as they say in here in Liverpool… “No word of a lie”. Let me explain. My career spans tech and education. For the last twelve years, I have been working in education, creating and leading new schools specialising in entrepreneurship and STEM skills. I…


Blog Promotion Strategy Ultimate Guide

So, you’ve written a blog and hit publish… now what?! In this video, we lay out a FULL Blog Promotion Strategy you could be using to get more eyeballs to your content. 👉 Watch the video    RELATED VIDEOS: ▶ Blogging Tools to Make Blogging Easier ▶ How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas ▶ How…


Proactively Using LinkedIn to Build Relationships and Generate Sales – The One With Jo Saunders | Andrew, Pete & Friends

In this episode our friend –  Jo Saunders let loose on using LinkedIn Proactively. We covered: A roadmap for turning connections into sales Language to use when connecting and how to do it right How to sort and manage you connections How to get better engagement And there was a juicy Q&A at the end…


How To Find The Right Keywords to Guarantee Ranking in Google and YouTube

Imagine you had a crystal ball that told you which blogs you could write that you could rank on page one for, AND that get’s lot’s of traffic. That would allow you to spend your time effectively and guarantee lot’s of traffic to your website. Nice! Well this is called ‘Keyword Research’ – and today, we went live on…

Facebook Groups vs Pages

Facebook Groups Vs Pages | Which is Best?

Are you struggling to decide between Facebook Groups Vs Pages? Although Pages are the ‘Staple Diet’ of Facebook, they are companies putting a lot of effort behind Facebook groups recently, and a lot of businesses are having huge success with them. But which is right for you? In this video we look at the pros…

website chatbot tutorial

Website Chatbot | Free Tutorial 🤖

In this video we show you how we are converting more sales by putting a simple website chatbot on our site.  We are loving chatbots at the moment. They are easy to set-up and ensure you have the RIGHT conversations with the RIGHT people. In this tutorial too, the technology is completely free to get…

Evan Day

How to Become More Productive by Using Workflows

For the longest time, I’ve told myself I’m an organised person.  If you looked at my family, it would all make sense, my dad and my three older brothers all exhibit the same signs. Whiteboards covered in shopping lists and jobs to do around the house, typically on time to events plus an all but…


How to Create Landing Pages in Beaver Builder | The How to Show

Join in to see a complete walk-through of how we create landing pages for webinars, events, and products using the BEST WordPress Page Builder out there. First Broadcast in the ATOMIC Facebook Group. Here’s the replay…   ▶ Beaver Builder ▶ Power Pack ▶ Remove Headers and Footers  


Stand Out From The Competition | Episode 💯 of The YouTube Show

Guest what​!? Today’s video is officially our 100th YouTube video!! So we wanted to break down 5 ways you can stand out from the competition, without breaking a sweat. Wooohooooooo! 😃😁 In this video we show you how we went from fresh faced nobodies to speaking at the world’s largest conferences and having fortune 500…


Working Lean: How to Trim the Fat on Your Marketing | Organised Chaos Episode 1

How do you create a marketing strategy that WORKS, that you can implement in the LEAST amount of time? This is something we’ve been pushing ourselves to think more and more about recently, and in this session we present to you a model that will allow to to measure WHERE you are with your marketing…