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How to Increase Sales and Get More Customers

How to Increase Sales and Get More Customers | Sales Confidence

❓Imagine you’re at an event and your perfect customer is sat right there. Do you go over and introduce yourself? Or do you shy away? ❓Think of a time you were having a conversation with a prospect and they had an objection to buying from you. Did you have the confidence to handle the objection…

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Yourself by Eric Turnnessen

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners: How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Yourself

10 years ago, I founded my company — MemberMouse. We’re a software solution for WordPress that helps online entrepreneurs and business owners build powerful and profitable membership, subscription, and recurring revenue businesses. While I had dabbled in an interesting variety of entrepreneurial ventures before this (a story for another time), this was really my first…

Facebook Strategy for Business

Facebook Strategy for Business | Sales From Facebook!

How on a platform that’s forever changing its features (and that pesky algorithm 🙄) do we create a Facebook strategy for business that actually works to get you sales? Well it is still possible. In fact we’ve got four ways to generate sales from Facebook in this video! 👉 Watch the video  RELATED VIDEOS:…

sales from insta stories

Instagram Story Ideas | 4 Ways to Get Business from Stories

Did you know you can make sales from Insta stories? Oh yea! In this video we’re going to show you four Instagram story ideas, to help you get clients fast – regardless of whether you have a small following, or a massive following! 👉 Watch the video  RELATED VIDEOS: ▶ Sales Techniques to Get…

overcoming business fears

Overcoming Business Fears | 3 Critical Steps

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re talking about business fears and how to overcome them 👻 Running a small business can be, quite frankly, scary. There’s fear of rejection, fear of putting yourself out there, fear of failure, fear of your head exploding 🤯 If we don’t learn how to feel the fear and do it…

How to Apply the Mindset of an Athlete to your Business and Personal Goals by Liz Champion for Andrew and Pete | Atomic

How to apply the mindset of an athlete to your business and personal goals

When it comes to winning medals at world and Olympic level, it’s not just about physical fitness. Having the right mindset is just as important. Athletes have to be mentally strong, calm under pressure and resilient. And it’s not just on the day of competition, it’s the days, weeks, months and years of hard work…

sales proposals

Sales Proposals that ALWAYS get an Epic YES!

Sales proposals sometimes bomb! But not on our watch! In this video we give you 3 tips to help you increase your conversion rates for your proposals. They’re gonna give you the best chance of converting more prospects at a higher rate 🙌 We’ll also show you how to get your hands on our fully…

how to get your next client

How to Get Your First (or Next) Client | 10 REAL Examples

If you’re wondering where your next (or first) client is coming from, then fear not. We have 10 proven ways to get a client. We say ‘proven’ because they actually ARE. We hopped into our ATOMIC Members group recently, and asked them to share with us all how they got their first client. There were…

how to grow your business

How to Grow Your Business | 4 Critical Steps

In this video we’re going to be talking about what it takes to double your business. Now this sounds like a big ask, but it’s totally doable and with the four things that we talk you through in this video it can happen pretty quickly too!  RELATED VIDEOS: ▶ How To Close A Sale…

facebook retargeting ads

Facebook Retargeting Ads | Easy Tutorial

You’ve probably heard about how awesome Facebook Ads are… but if done wrong… they can be a big waste of time or money or BOTH! So we asked our friend and ATOMICON 2020 speaker… Gavin Bell, who is one of the top Facebook ads guys in the GALAXY… if he wouldn’t mind showing all of…

email marketing for small business

Email Marketing for Small Business | More Sales

If you’re building an email list but NOT generating business from it then you need to grab a pen and a paper and watch this video! 👇 Whether you have a list of less than 100 people, or a list of 100,000 + we’re going to talk about strategies that WORK to turn your email…

How I stopped Procrastinating with my Marketing after watching Andrew & Pete's 90-10 Talk by Kerly Ellis

How I stopped procrastinating with my marketing after watching Andrew & Pete’s 90:10 Talk

I’ve worked as a digital marketing strategist for a number of years now and felt the need to post on all the social media platforms on a regular basis – all the major ones anyway – to demonstrate to potential clients that I knew how to use them. With so little time to work on…


Does social media, blogging and creating content feel like a waste of time? Discover some quick to implement tactics for actually finding leads and closing business using Social Media and Content Marketing.

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We promise we won't spam you and promise your email is safe with us. You may get the odd sales email, but you can opt out at any time.