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LinkedIn Fling | S02E09 of The Andrew and Pete Show

In episode 9 of The Andrew and Pete Show Season 2, our victims have just 2 more attempts to get points on the board. Mari Smith is our guest on the Slow Fire Round, where we quiz her on how she is using Facebook effectively with all the new changes on the platform, Sue B…


Creative Content Marketing | How to Come Up With Ideas

For about 4 years we got nothing from our social media, blogs or email marketing. 4 years! Eeek. We’re not ashamed of telling you that because NOW we know what works!! And we want YOU to discover it too: In a world full of copycats and same-y content, decreased attention spans, lower reach, increased competition……

Lyndsay Cambridge

How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients

We all want to attract more of our ideal clients – people who are enthusiastic about working with us and respect what we do. But how can you generate more of these types of leads in your business? Since we started content marketing consistently, we noticed a huge difference in the kind of clients getting…


Do You Know Tim Lewis? | S02E08 of The Andrew and Pete Show

In episode 8 of The Andrew and Pete Show Season 2, Carlos Gil gives us some home truths when it comes to using social media to generate sales – what aspect of social does Carlos place most importance on!? Also, discover a cool new photo editing app, and just how popular is Newcastle Brown Ale?…

Blogging Tools - play

Blogging Tools to Make Blogging Easier

You have a blog right? It takes time to blog doesn’t it, but after creating nearly 600 blogs we’ve learnt a few things about making the whole process more efficient and effective with our time using specific tools. Here’s our essential list of Blogging tools to help you create blogs faster, easier, and help you…


Doing a live webinar for the first time! My insights!

It sounds like a straight forward thing to do, I’d add it to my to-do list but each month I’d find more ‘important’ things to do- like writing more to-do lists.  I had to have a word with myself at the end of 2017. It was ridiculous, digital marketers have been telling me to do…


The Danger Zone: How to Use Creativity to Stand Out from the Copycats | A&P Talks

In a noisy world saturated with content, low attention spans, declining social reach, and automation infestation – how do we keep up? How do we stand out against the noise and hold attention? In this closing talk, be prepared to radically change your thinking as Andrew and Pete challenge your creativity and give you processes…


Picnic Pants | S02E07 of The Andrew and Pete Show

In episode 7 of The Andrew and Pete Show Season 2, Janet Murray tells us how she is achieving AMAZING organic reach on LinkedIn, we tell you what we would do if we could only do 1 piece of marketing a month (the answer may surprise you), and Tim Schmoyer gives us possibly the BEST…


Best Email Subject Lines | Double Your Open Rates

Here’s 13 tips that will double your open rates with the best email subject lines. We’ve analysed all our best performing eye catching email subject lines and here we show you what works and what doesn’t. A recent client said he doubled his open rates from these tips about good email subject lines for sales.…

john Espirian - LinkedIn Search - Blog Headers

How to Search LinkedIn the Smart Way

I’ve written a lot about LinkedIn engagement and best practice in the past year. In this post, I’m going to look at how to use some of LinkedIn’s search features. Why LinkedIn is my thing How to look for relevant connections on LinkedIn How to look for work on LinkedIn How to search LinkedIn for…


Willy Nilly | S02E06 of The Andrew and Pete Show

In this episode of The Andrew and Pete Show: how to avoid FOMO when it comes to attending events, how Jenn Herman become the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing, and Janet Murray loves Andrew and Pete’s [BLANKS].  All that, and much more in episode 6 of Season 2.  Listen to the Show: Show Notes: Willy Nilly…

Episode Titles-41

How to Create an Audiogram for Increased Social Coverage | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 11

Audiograms are so cool! They mix the benefits of social video with your podcast and BOOM! And they are FREE to do! Eeek! Find out how!  This episode ALMOST brings us to the end of Pod ‘N Roll. BUT… like every great rockstar we have a final swan song for you to stay tuned…