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Kristina Adams 2

How to Write Stories that Sell

When I graduated from university, nobody knew what to do with me. I’d spent three years studying Creative Writing. Everyone thought it was a useless degree. Nobody – not my university’s career advisors, or my peers, or even I – realised that I’d just spent years studying one of the most powerful marketing tools there…


How We’re Currently Maximising Our Bots | Build Your Bot Month BONUS EPISODE

8 Powerful strategies we’re using right now to grow our bot subscribers and our sales using bots. Learn from what’s working right now in our marketing at the time of recording (21st March 2018). Includes strategies to get more engagement, subscriber growth, successful webinar hacks for more registrants to your email and much more! …


How to Build Bots Quicker With Flow Builder | Build Your Bot Month BONUS EPISODE

In this Bonus Episode of Build Your Bot Month we show you how to use ManyChat’s flow builder to build bots quicker and easier – which is essential for more complex bots. We’ll also dive into the cool features ManyChat has to keep the conversations flowing, segmenting and qualifying the audience as you go. …


How to Convert More Website Sales With Customer Chat | Build Your Bot Month BONUS EPISODE

Use a powerful 5 step customer chat sequence blueprint to convert website traffic automatically with meaningful customer engagement. In this Bonus Episode of Build Your Bot Month (yes we know the name makes no sense now), we’ll show you how to set up your own customer chat growth tool and the 5 questions you need to…


Twitter’s New Scheduling Rules | Bye Bye Recycling Content

If you’re using Twitter for business (even just keeping it ticking along), then you need to pay attention to their latest update. Because Twitter just KILLED Tweet recycling. That means if you’re using tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Recurpost, SmarterQueue, MeetEdgar SocialBee, or even a spreadsheet… then your Strategy needs to change by March 23rd 2018.…


How to Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Grow Your Business |

In this episode of Andrew & Pete VS. Dan & Lloyd it’s our last chance to get some points on the board before the final challenge! And as always – our challenge requires some form of fancy dress! That aside, we’re talking about something super cool in this one – BOTS! Specifically ALL the ways you…

Date in Marketing

5 Ways to be Clever With Data When It Comes to Marketing

For solopreneurs, the business to-do list never ends. You’re constantly juggling tasks, one of which is marketing. Research shows nearly half (47%) of all small business owners manage their own marketing, according to a survey conducted by LeadPages. A DIY marketing strategy is tough. From social media and email campaigns to in-store promotions, how do you…


How to Factor the Twitter Algorithm Into Your Content Plan | SMMW18 Rehearsal | A&P Talks

Before we spoke at Social Media Marketing World 2018, we rehearsed our talk live. Check it out here… We were on the Twitter Tactic track at SMMW, so in this session we break down all you need to know about how the Twitter algorithm works, and how you can be crafting tweets with longer life-spans…

Dr. Simon Raybould

Pain Before the Pleasure: The Colon Technique

Argh! That moment when you’ve got to give ‘the pitch’… Sales and bookings hang on the next 30 seconds. Sometimes it might be that moment over coffee… other times it’s the infamous ‘introduction round’ at the networking event you’ve forced yourself to go to… or maybe it’s a party when you suddenly find yourself standing…


Engaging Content Examples

Getting your content seen online is becoming harder and more important (not a great combo there haha), and with social media algorithms to worry about too… creating content that engages your audience needs to be a TOP PRIORITY for any digital marketing strategy. 👉 In this video we take a look at 4 engaging content…

Social Butterfly 2

How To Market Your Business When You Aren’t A Social Butterfly

Starting a business can be overwhelming for those of us who aren’t the most savvy at social etiquette. You have to take a lot of things into account from talking to clients, networking, and pitching price. I hear you! I’m an autistic entrepreneur and while I like to socialize in small doses, I burn out…

SMMania Episode Titles with Play Symbol-46

What Now? Your Post Match Celebration | Social Media Mania Round 20

CONGRATULATIONS. You win. There’s a belt you can proudly wear at the end of this round. BUT… you have to do one FINAL thing – bring this all together into a strategy you can execute. Hope you were paying attention in round 3 by the way.   ALL Episodes < Previous Episode | Next Episode >