Caused Based Content Marketing at The Great North Run

By Andrew and Pete | 18 Sep 2017

We wanted to share an incredible experience with you this week. On Sept. 10th, Pete was pushed 13.1 miles by his brother in the Great North Run alongside 60,000 other runners to raise money for disabled children needing wheelchairs. The Sunshine Fund, helps raise money for families who can’t afford to get the equipment they need…

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The Equipment and Software You Need to Start a YouTube Channel​

By Andrew and Pete | 12 Sep 2017

We took this episode live and talked about all the Equipment and Software You Need to start a YouTube Channel​. We 100% DIY’d our videos when we got started, using these tools, equipment and software that we to share with you in this video. Why YouTube? What we love about YouTube is the evergreeness of…

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How to Measure Content Marketing Success

By Andrew and Pete | 05 Sep 2017

Today we remove the overwhelm of measuring your digital marketing results, and lay out what you need really need to be measuring depending on where you’re at with your content marketing. We break it down into 3 key stages of measurement, watch to find out what stage you’re at, and therefore what you should be keeping…

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Email Marketing Tips | 3 Do’s and Don’ts!

By Andrew and Pete | 29 Aug 2017

Email marketing is our #1 driver of sales, but it has such a bad rap for being spammy and salesy!  In our latest video, we lay down 5 things you should, and shouldn’t be doing to make the most of your email list: It’s pointless having an email list if it unresponsive and doesn’t get…

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Should Your Prices Be On Your Website?

By Andrew and Pete | 22 Aug 2017

Probably the most wrestled with question for any business (especially service providers) is ‘Should I Include Prices on my Website?’ We look at both sides to the argument in this video, and tell you what we do – that turns the pricing question into a hot lead 🔥 generation source. It’s less than 3 minutes this one,…

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How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences

By Andrew and Pete | 15 Aug 2017

Stop wasting money, boosting Facebook posts to badly targeted audiences. Facebook Custom Audiences are a great way of using Facebook Ads to show the right people, the right messages. And this video shows you how to set them up! This is a must watch if you feel like you are: Getting traffic but no conversions…

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Twitter Strategy 2017 | ‘Cos Twitter’s Not Dead

By Andrew and Pete | 08 Aug 2017

We’re sick of hearing people say “Twitter is dead” or “Twitter is dying”. It’s not – you’re just using it wrong! Twitter is still one of our favourite social media platforms, but it’s being mis-used like it’s still 2008. Social Media platforms are constantly changing and when it comes to Twitter… just linking to your…

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Embarrasing Old Videos Proves ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

By Andrew and Pete | 25 Jul 2017

So many people tell us we’re “lucky” because we’re “good on video” but honestly… we used to be terrible. To prove it is all about practicing, today we are showing you some of the first videos we ever recorded. Prepare to cringe here… ​This also marks the launch of our 50th YouTube video in just…

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How to Use Instagram on Your Computer

By Andrew and Pete | 18 Jul 2017

Are you using Instagram? It’s a great app, but if you want to use it on desktop – their web-version is seriously lacking. Recently though, we discovered an awesome app to make Instagram management on desktop really easy, and we tell you all about it in this week’s vlog. ​This desktop app allows you to…

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How to Get More Social Media Organic Reach

By Andrew and Pete | 11 Jul 2017

Social media organic reach is falling! So as business owners we can whine and complain about it all we like, or we can look to see WHY it is falling, and work out HOW to combat this. It’s all to do with the algorithms and why does some content get shown above others? In the above…

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Best Marketing Conferences in the UK

By Andrew and Pete | 04 Jul 2017

If you know anything about us, you’ll know we enjoy attending marketing conferences. Aaaaand we’ve been really happy to see some AMAZING ones taking place right here in the UK. So this week we run-down our 5 favourites. So for those of you in the UK – maybe we’ll see you at a few over…

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Free Video Editing Tutorial

By Andrew and Pete | 27 Jun 2017

This week we have teamed up with Social Media Examiner (the world’s leading social media publication) to give you a step by step video on how to edit your videos FOR FREE! Video Marketing isn’t the future – it’s right now!! With this article and video – you now have no excuse to not start…

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