Embarrasing Old Videos Proves ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

By Andrew and Pete | 25 Jul 2017

So many people tell us we’re “lucky” because we’re “good on video” but honestly… we used to be terrible. To prove it is all about practicing, today we are showing you some of the first videos we ever recorded. Prepare to cringe here… ​This also marks the launch of our 50th YouTube video in just…

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How to Use Instagram on Your Computer

By Andrew and Pete | 18 Jul 2017

Are you using Instagram? It’s a great app, but if you want to use it on desktop – their web-version is seriously lacking. Recently though, we discovered an awesome app to make Instagram management on desktop really easy, and we tell you all about it in this week’s vlog. ​This desktop app allows you to…

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How to Get More Social Media Organic Reach

By Andrew and Pete | 11 Jul 2017

Social media organic reach is falling! So as business owners we can whine and complain about it all we like, or we can look to see WHY it is falling, and work out HOW to combat this. It’s all to do with the algorithms and why does some content get shown above others? In the above…

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Best Marketing Conferences in the UK

By Andrew and Pete | 04 Jul 2017

If you know anything about us, you’ll know we enjoy attending marketing conferences. Aaaaand we’ve been really happy to see some AMAZING ones taking place right here in the UK. So this week we run-down our 5 favourites. So for those of you in the UK – maybe we’ll see you at a few over…

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Free Video Editing Tutorial

By Andrew and Pete | 27 Jun 2017

This week we have teamed up with Social Media Examiner (the world’s leading social media publication) to give you a step by step video on how to edit your videos FOR FREE! Video Marketing isn’t the future – it’s right now!! With this article and video – you now have no excuse to not start…

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Quicker Content Marketing Results

By Andrew and Pete | 20 Jun 2017

We’re getting fed up of seeing business not seeing results with their blogging and videos, when they have so much potential. Following all the rules and seeing NO results, right? In this week’s video we show you what the missing link is!! The one thing that will speed up your results more than anything!

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3 Minute Insane Blog Hack Via FB Messenger Bot

By Andrew and Pete | 13 Jun 2017

Have you heard of Facebook Messenger Bots yet? They are fairly new on the marketing scene, but we are super excited by them, and it looks like they are soon going to become a big player. Basically just like you grow your email subscriber list, you can grow your list of people who are subscribed to…

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Creating Video for Social Media | LIVE Tutorial

By Andrew and Pete | 06 Jun 2017

For the first time ever ATOMIC LITE went LIVE on our YouTube channel, introducing you to a brand new tool for creating social media videos really easily We’ve been blown away by this new app – some are calling it the ‘Canva for Video’ and we agree!   Watch until the end to get an exclusive discount…

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5 Habits of Highly Successful Small Business Content Marketers

By Andrew and Pete | 30 May 2017

Forget all the other things you’ve been told about making your marketing work for you, all you need is habits – because when you form the right habits, success is inevitable! In this quick video, we tell you the top 5 habits of highly successful small business content marketers. It’s what you do little and…

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How to Generate Leads with Your Blogs

By Andrew and Pete | 16 May 2017

Are you blogging for blogging sake, with no formalised strategy of how to turn your blogging efforts into leads and ultimately sales? Although we love providing great value content, and we are so pleased that many people enjoy what we create (as much as we enjoy creating it) – we are running a business and…

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How to Promote Your Blog

By Andrew and Pete | 09 May 2017

A lot of businesses now understand why they should be blogging, BUT most we find are missing the most important part… how to promote their blog! A blog without a solid promotion strategy might as well not be a blog… because nobody is going to see it!! So watch the video above and find out…

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Our SMMW17 and La La Land Adventure

By Andrew and Pete | 02 May 2017

In March 2017 we went on adventure. It started in San Diego where we spoke for the the first time at Social Media Marketing World, then we jetted off to Hollywood for some fun with the STARS! And of course, since we’re digital marketers, the whole thing was documented in an epic Instagram story… Wanna…

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