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Poof, he’s Incapacitated | S02E05 of The Andrew and Pete Show

In this episode of The Andrew and Pete Show: we give you some Instagram growth strategies in Killer Questions, Janet Murray gets something off her chest in Squirt Gun Justice, Mark Asquith tells us exactly how he grew an international brand (with the help of Cheryl Tweedy and Pamela Anderson), and Tim Schmoyer is mean to Pete!…

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Creating Your Podcast Website | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 8

To max out the potential reach of your show, you’re going to want to create your podcast a website. This could be stand alone, or integrated into your current site, so Chris and Ant tell you exactly what’s needed in this episode.   


Twitter Lead Generation

If you’ve never mastered the art of getting sales and leads from Twitter (or just social in general) – this video is for you. Last year Andrew challenged Pete to get lot’s of new members on ATOMIC while he swanned off on holiday… Today we share with you the strategy that outperformed ever other strategy…

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Hosting and Launching: How to Get Your Podcast to the World | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 7

Right… at this stage… you have an amazing idea, you know how to record, you’re excited, you’re rocking… the only thing holding you back is getting the blooming thing out to the world. Chris and Ant got your back!   

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Be ‘on brand’ to raise your content game

Create content. As a small business owner, this is voiced a lot from experts and influencers in the marketing field. But there is a lot more involved in ‘creating content’, and it needn’t be difficult to obtain quick wins and start seeing an impact. Being visual. The first touchpoint with your target audience tends to…

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Recording Interviews Without a Hitch | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 6

Interview shows are a popular option, and luckily… you can interview people ALL OVER the world with the power of the internet. BUT with that brings some considerations, and Chris and Ant tell you exactly what you need to know in this episode, to run expert interviews WITHOUT a hitch!   


Pete, Get Off Grandma | S02E04 of The Andrew and Pete Show

This week on The Andrew and Pete Show, we LAUGH SO HARD with Andrea Vahl in the Slow Fire Round, whilst quizzing her on her Facebook Ads strategy, Ian Cleary squirts one of us in the face, and Tim Schmoyer gets asked the ULTIMATE YouTube question. All that and more… Listen to the Show: Or…

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The Recording Studio | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 5

So you’ve got your microphone, but what’s going to make your podcast sound THE BEST it can? Depending on how and where you’re recording is going to effect the final quality, BUT don’t worry, in this session Chris and Ant show you how to create a studio on a budget AND show you editing software…


Free Stock Photos Without Copyright

It can be so frustrating trying to find the perfect photo to portray your business can’t it!? All those bad cheesy stock photos – eugh, we hate them! 👉 Save yourself some time and take a gander at these 5 kickass stock photo websites for the perfect photo (no attribution required).  Gratisography | Unsplash…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Microphones | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 4

The good news about podcasting is that the tech you need is minimal… a microphone! The bad news… picking a mic can be a minefield. BUT it doesn’t have to be. Chris and Ant break it alllll down for us in this episode.   

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Validating and Researching for Mega Podcast Success | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 3

So… you’ve got a podcast idea, but is it the right one? In this episode Chris and Ant tell us the best practises for researching and more importantly VALIDATING your idea, so you don’t end up too far down the wrong road!   

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How to Come Up with a Remarkable Podcast Idea | Pod ‘n Roll Episode 2

In the second Episode of Pod ‘n Roll we get creative. If you’re struggling to think of a podcast idea, OR struggling to make it remarkable, then give this episode a watch and let’s get brainstorming!