How to Stop Procrastinating

By Andrew and Pete | 16 Jan 2018

Procrastination is something we ALL do. We always put off stuff we really can’t be bothered with. BUT, when procrastination starts hindering your business and marketing, then you need to deal with it head on! Do you ever get the feeling you really should be doing something else, other than say – checking your emails…

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How to Achieve Your Goals

By Andrew and Pete | 09 Jan 2018

In 2015 we developed a system that helped us achieve more in 6 months than the previous 5 years combined! We’re talking; winning multiple awards, launching a membership site, getting featured on huge publications, writing a book… and so on! 👉  Want to know the system we used so that YOU can 5x your success…

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Marketing with Chocolate… oh yeah… Chocolate!

By Andrew and Pete | 26 Dec 2017

It’s Boxing Day, which guarantees 3 things: A family member got too drunk last night You woke up in new PJs You have a boat load of leftover chocolate BUT… rather than eat all those calories before the regular January detox… here’s 12 ways to use that chocolate to market your business. WIN: We’re giving…

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How to Market Your Business With No Money

By Andrew and Pete | 19 Dec 2017

We’ve all been in the position where we want to do cool marketing stuff, but it all seems to cost a bomb! However, the beauty of online marketing, is that we CAN make an IMPACT without breaking the bank. Here’s a 5 step marketing strategy to use that you can implement with little to no…

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How To Build Your Influence |

By Andrew and Pete | 14 Dec 2017

One of the quickest ways to grow your business online these days, is to build your influence in your industry. But with everyone over 1000 Twitter Followers calling themselves an ‘influencer’, has the word lost it’s meaning, and what does it really take to become influential? In Episode 2 of Andrew & Pete vs Dan &…

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By Andrew and Pete | 12 Dec 2017

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! Prepare yourselves..! We’ve made a Christmas song about marketing your business online!  We’ve enlisted the help of over 20+ brave ATOMIC members too – epic! 😀 🎶 🎄 Want some festive cheer, watch above! 🎄 🎶 Edited by Mark Orr of Pocket Video School Website YouTube THE ATOMIC CHOIR ARE:…

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MailChimp Alternative | Our fave Email Service Provider REVIEWED

By Andrew and Pete | 05 Dec 2017

In this live episode, we share how we got more sales, saved time, and reduced our costs, by switching the most important tool we all use… our email service provider. Ever wondered if there’s a better alternative to Mailchimp? 🤔 Today we’re going to let you know why we switched to ConvertKit, and also give…

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How To Be More Creative |

By Andrew and Pete | 30 Nov 2017

In the very first episode of Andrew & Pete vs Dan & Lloyd, we tell you exactly how to be more creative… but there’s a twist…  🤜 DOWNLOAD THE HUGE LIST OF BRAND VALUES 🤜 WATCH MORE EPISODES AND GET NOTIFIED OF THE NEXT INSTALMENT  

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GDPR Explained | What it means for Email Marketing

By Andrew and Pete | 28 Nov 2017

Have you heard about the new GDPR regulations regarding email marketing? Did you know you could be fined 4% of your annual turnover if you don’t follow the rules? We’ve seen a lot of scaremongering and a lot of extremely BORING pamphlets (nobody wants to read those!) – so in this week’s video we tell…

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How to Get More Speaking Gigs (LIVE… from a Speaking Gig)

By Andrew and Pete | 21 Nov 2017

We got the chance to visit Berlin for the very first time this week… We keynoted The Chemicals Sales and Marketing Toolbox yesterday morning, so we thought today it’d be topical to tell you exactly how we get our speaking gigs! We recorded this video live for you from Berlin. Check it out…  This…

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How to Become More Consistent with Content

By Andrew and Pete | 14 Nov 2017

Whether you love us or hate us, you can’t get away from us. Because we have mastered how to consistently create content that gets our business and brand noticed. The keyword here is ‘consistent’, and in this weeks video we break down 5 top tips we’ve mastered in order to market ourselves consistently. Becoming consistent…

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Content Mavericks Introduction | Our New Book

By Andrew and Pete | 31 Oct 2017

Yabadabadoooooo! Our new book is officially launching today!! It’s called Content Mavericks, and it’s all about how you can get quicker results from your content marketing efforts! Since it’s also Halloween today… we thought we’d record a fun spooky video about the book… What’s the book about then? Are you fed up of writing blogs,…

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