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Event marketing

Event Marketing Ideas: Sell Out Your Event in 5 Days! 😎

In this video we tell you EXACTLY how we used epic event marketing to sell ATOMICON 2019 tickets, and pretty much sold out within the first 5 days! It was mental! We only expected to sell 40 tickets in that first week, 100 in total for the event, but instead we sold 280 in the…

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging for SEO Domination | Outrank your Competition

Want to get your website and your blogs ranking in search? Then you absolutely need to make sure guest blogging is part of your strategy! In this video we talk you through how guest blogging improves your credibility in your industry, gets you in front of new audiences AND helps you increase your website traffic…

Halloween Q and A

Trick or Treat Marketing Q&A (Warning: Very Wet ⚠️)

Get ready for some Halloween antics in the form of our Q & A Apple Bobbing game! 🎃 We asked people to send us some ‘Tweet treats’ questions on Twitter. We covered everything from YouTube marketing, to Twitter video, to lead magnets and reveal our scariest moment 👻 BUT… there were some trick questions set by…

Social Selling

Social Selling | How to Sell Using Social Media with Integrity

If you’re using social media to grow your business then you’ve probably noticed how hard it is to sell via social media. Sales posts typically TANK! But we’ve mastered the art of social selling so that you can get sales from your social whilst keeping your integrity and not being overly salesy or even TANKING!…

How to write a newsletter

How To Write A Newsletter & Get More Sign Ups!

Struggling with how to write a newsletter? Is it taking you too long to ‘do’ email marketing/newsletters? And are you getting enough sales from it? In this video we share with you some quick changes you can make to quarter the amount of time spent on email newsletters AND quadruple their effectiveness. Sound good? 👉 Watch…

website optimisation

Website Optimisation (Why Your Website Generates No Leads)

Is your website feeding you with hot new leads every day?? If not, our latest video is going to help you a TON! We’ve had a thousand iterations of a website and tested countless variations of conversion metrics and there’s always two things that people miss out on to have a highly converting website… 👉…


How to Blow Up Your Instagram Account with Quality Followers – The One With Jenn Herman | Andrew, Pete & Friends

In this episode our friend –  Jenn Herman talks about how to BLOW UP your Instagram following with Quality people i.e. not any old riff raff! We covered: Awesome hashtag strategies Stalking hashtags Calls to Action Buttons Stories Tagging User generated content Nametags And answered a ton of questions on everything from shadow banning, takeovers,…

Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing Ideas for Boring Companies

Are you in one of those professional/boring/regulated/luxury industries where creative marketing feels impossible and it’s hard to be fun? We know it can be hard to get attention amongst all the cat videos out there… …especially if your brand won’t allow you to let your hair down and have some fun. But, in this week’s…

Lesley James

Combating the Traditional – How taking a stance can help you stand out

I’m just going to say this up front. I think it’s best we get it out of the way. I’m a financial planner. PHEW. Well, that makes me feel better. But how do you feel? Nervous? Distrustful? Think I’m about to sell you something? Worried how much this next part of the conversation is going…

Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration Strategies to Grow Your Audience, Fast

Do you want to know the fastest and cheapest way to grow a high quality relevant audience? It’s with content collaboration! In this week’s 5min Marketing Unboringed video we’re going to share our best tips on how to do it. We’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in our industry and grown our audience and…

Salestastic 11

Closing the Sale | SALESTASTIC EPISODE 6

In this session you will learn: Getting back to your prospect – how to do it effectively and efficiently Closing the sale – ways to ask for the money ☺ What if it goes wrong?  They say no or they start to avoid you!  We’ve got the answers    More Episodes >

Salestastic 9


In this session you will learn: When to do one and when not to waste your time! How to maintain momentum Options and Recommendations Proposals that WORK for  your sales process, and go the extra mile Setting up to Close the sale (god damn it don’t make me ring you AGAIN!!!!)  Download: Email Discussion…