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We know what it is like as a Small Business Owner - it can be bloody tough sometimes. Heck, there's 2 of us and even we struggle from time to time. We wanted to create a place where small business owners and solopreneurs can have a team behind them. That's what atomic is. 

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what is atomic all about

A Community

atomic is your cheerleader. Now don't think of us dressed in tight lycra holding pom poms, but we are here to cheer you on.

Share your wins, share your problems and get advice, support and feedback around the clock from around the world.

We are a community of awesome businesses just like you, working towards smashing our goals

... and a Place to Learn

We create fun, but in depth and practical marketing masterclasses for the small business owner, to help you be more creative and make more of your time and budget.

Every week there is something new from us, or guest experts, who teach you about things you need to know about to grow a small business.

The unique thing about atomic, is that YOU get to ask YOUR questions, so that the advice is specific to you. 

OK, Andrew and Pete, but what do I actually get when I become a member?

We get it whatever you spend your hard earned dosh on needs to be justified. So here's exactly what your memberships give you access to...


Atomic-Webinar-GIFDo you ever feel overwhelmed and distracted at everything you feel you should be doing? Would you like to know what you should actually be focusing on to get the success you deserve? Wouldn't it just be easier if we did the hard work for you and kept you up to date with all the new tools and cutting edge marketing strategies to 'get you there' faster? Wouldn't it be nice if someone just understood that you don't have a lot of time or money for marketing, and just told you what works without it taking forever or costing a bomb? Well that's what the atomic masterclasses do.

In our weekly atomic masterclass webinars with expert guests and Q&A sessions we answer your questions and review your marketing personally so you get one-to-one support from the experts. This means you don't waste money on big marketing campaigns that aren't effective or waste time on strategies that don't work. All you have to do is ask. 


As part of the weekly Masterclasses we run regular Q&A style sessions where we basically cover whatever it is you want to know. This is a great way to get feedback on what you've been up to and get a fresh pair of eyes on it. We love this, because we often help people save a lot of time, money and frustration. We'll often go into a live brainstorm session to come up with a creative idea for a member too. They're fun, unedited and give you direct access to ask us anything.


We regularly feature industry specific guests, because we aren't big headed morons that think we know everything. This is great for getting your work actually looked over by people who can make a difference - we even make the most of this ourselves haha! 


Website PdFs GraphicWe have an entire library of ebooks, videos, tutorials and step by step guides from world renowned industry experts, for you to jump right into as well. And a beginner's corner to get you started! 

Covering everything from Social Media, Podcasting, Networking, PR, Webinars, Facebook Advertising, Positioning, Branding, Design and more.


We know one of the major keys to success is having a mastermind group to help keep you accountable, and help brainstorm new ideas with. 

As part of your membership you have the opportunity to join a small group of your fellow members in a Mastermind.

We keep hearing about awesome results and *ahem* awesome parties too - our Masterminds have really kicked it off. 

P.S. These are done over Skype or in person, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world. 


The exclusive Facebook group is pretty damn awesome. It's where we all hang out online and really get to know each other. There's new posts every day and we celebrate each others wins with WiFives (that's a wireless High Five if you didn't know). 

If you have a problem or need inspiration - then this is a great place to brainstorm with other members. 


OMG there's so much on atomic already that you've missed if you aren't a member yet. However have no fear, the archives are here. Literally every masterclass, fast track, guide, download, etc. is uploaded and searchable for you.  

Need a recommendation? Post in the group, and we'll send you the link. 


Want to pick our brains like a flesh eating zombie? We are always hanging out on atomic, so if you are here for our bodies minds on marketing, then you got it! This is the best place to get some A&P time.


We run the Rule Breakers Conference every year, where we get the best marketing minds to speak to you, for free. 

The catch for non atomic members? The sessions are only available for 24 hours before they are gone forever!

However atomic members can attend Rule Breakers whenever they like. All the talks from Rule Breakers 1 are uploaded, and you'll have access to Rule Breakers 2 when we launch it next May. 


It's nice to feel rewarded, so we are always on the look out for members doing awesome things, to recognise them with atomic awards. 

As well as that - we run challenges here and there, with prizes to be won! 


To be honest, this is something we are expanding more on. We have these in our home base of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but are looking to launch them all over the world too. 

How does that sound!? 


Is atomic for you?

Look, we aren't going to give you the hard sell here. If you are looking for quick fixes to become a millionaire overnight, then this isn't for you. If you are looking for a community to help you grow and develop on your ambitious journey, and get you there faster - then this is it. Our aim is to make atomic the best place on the internet for just that.

Atomic Contributors

A small selection of some of our guests

We went to the best marketers to ensure atomic was as good as it could be. We have content from best selling authors, award winning companies, international speakers and 7 figure business owners.

It's all from people who have been there, done that, and want to show you how to do it too.

Remember whenever we have a new guest, YOU can ask them questions too.

Rule Breakers Logo - Landing Page

If you missed Rule Breakers 2016 we ran last May, then don't worry, all the sessions are now live on atomic. We had 30+ sessions that you can now get immediate access too, from World Leading experts such as Michael Stelzner, John Lee Dumas, Kim Garst, Sue B. Zimmerman, and loads more.

The WHOLE conference is available here on atomic.

We'll be running Rule Breakers 2 next May also, and members will get unlimited access to that, at no extra charge.


Q: What do you call a sales page without testimonials?
A: A rubbish one.


Is there a minimum contract length?
Nope. After signing up with us, you can cancel at anytime. You will be charged for the month you cancel in, but not for any upcoming month. So it is basically risk free!
Do you have different levels of membership?

Nope. We're all equal here. One price gets you access to all the benefits atomic has to offer.

How are payments processed?

All our payments are processed by Stripe, who are one of the leaders in online transactions. We are therefore back by their security, and atomic membership is processed on their secure payment gateway.

How long will it take me to see results?

All advice is actionable today – so you could improve your marketing after reading/watching one thing, but like with most things - the more time you put into it, the quicker you’ll see the results, so because of this we have our community support group to keep you going and keep you motivated, and our atomic blast guide to get you started in the right way. 

How often is atomic updated?

We have hundreds of pieces of content on atomic already to get you going, but we host a live masterclass every week, so the content is always up to date and always fresh. We never go out of date, and we never smell funky.

We encourage members to get in the habit of using it weekly too. 

What kind of knowledge do I need prior to signing up?

atomic was put together to cater for all small businesses, no matter your level of understanding. In the ‘main content’ we don’t cover the basics, so if you are completely new to business or marketing, head to the beginner’s corner first to learn all the basics, then head to the main content to improve your skills.

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

There's so much on atomic and you will find content on just about every aspect of marketing. We also make it super easy to find relevant content to you with Categories, Clusters, Fast Tracks, and of course the search bar.

If there is something you want to know specifically there's a couple of options. Start by posting in the Facebook group, and we'll get back to you with a direct link if there is something already on atomic that can help. If there isn't something, we'll add it to our content schedule and let you know when it is available. 

As well as that, you can always contact us through our support page if you would rather talk via email.

Why does it only cost $37/month?

Good question! We could charge hundreds for this per month because it is just THAT good! However, our aim has always been to help small business with limited budgets get the advice and direction they need. We believe that $37 is affordable for everyone and the cost will be made back straight away many times over.

It is not uncommon for our members to double their income and half their working hours in just a few months. Is it time for you to do the same? 

Are you ready to blow up your small business?

atomic is just $37/month, and with membership you get access to everything on day 1 to start growing your business.

There's 2 ways you can join...


Price: $37/month
Full Access from Day 1 to all Features
Rolling Monthly Contract until Cancellation


Price: $30/month (purchased annually)
Full Access from Day 1 to all Features
Rolling Annual Contract until Cancellation