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a marketing sing song

All I Want for My Business is Views | A Marketing Sing Song

We’ve done it again! We had such fun creating this marketing sing song with our ATOMIC members… #TeamATOMIC rules! We’ve taken Mariah Carey’s classic hit, All I Want for Christmas is You and adapted it for all you marketers and business owners! 🎄 👉 Watch the video and get ready for a giggle 🤣 <span…

Simon Raybould

How to structure your BIG ideas in presentations

Did you know that they way we convey ideas to others can be compared to the decay of radioactive substance? Thought not, let me explain. A half life The scientific definition of a half life (not the computer game!) is the length of time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay… well, for half…

sales prospecting on LinkedIn

Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn to Win Customers!

Want to know how to use LinkedIn to get in front of the RIGHT people and get actual sales? Sales prospecting on LinkedIn is easier that you think and in this video we show you how to use it not only to build up an audience of potential customers, but a killer referral network. In…

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips based on shocking new data 😲

We have been left shaken and shocked after reading the results of Andy Crestodina’s recent study of over 1000 bloggers. It shows what’s working and what’s not when it comes to successfully blogging, and it turns out that the very thing that you can’t be bothered to do, is the exact thing that will give…

Conference networking tips

Conference Networking Tips to Change Your Life!

Ready for some expert conference networking tips to change your life?! After attending and speaking at over 20 conferences this year alone, we wanted to give you our top 8 tips on how to max out an event – because they honestly have for us, even as just attendees. We let you into our secrets…


Our 5 (Not So) Secret Tools For Conquering Content Marketing

You might not believe it, but we rely on – technology – to help us create content and stay connected with our friends on the Internet. Yes, you heard right. There are five tools in particular that we turn to nearly every day to keep us on top of our incoming and outgoing content. Shall…

Morningfame Review

Guaranteed Views | Morningfame Review and Tutorial

What if we told you we could predict whether you could rank on page 1 of YouTube or not BEFORE you even created a video? Well, we can! We’ve been using a new tool recently that has helped us to treble our YouTube Subscribers and send our video views up sky high. Some are over…

Blog Headers

The top five reasons for using PowerPoint templates (not)

What’s a template? Templates are blank, pre-prepared slides. You fill them in and “hey-presto!” you’ve got a slide deck for your presentation. You get some when you buy PowerPoint; you can get free ones online; you can even pay for them. Here’s the sales-shot of a popular one. All you have to do is double-click…

Event marketing

Event Marketing Ideas: Sell Out Your Event in 5 Days! 😎

In this video we tell you EXACTLY how we used epic event marketing to sell ATOMICON 2019 tickets, and pretty much sold out within the first 5 days! It was mental! We only expected to sell 40 tickets in that first week, 100 in total for the event, but instead we sold 280 in the…

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging for SEO Domination | Outrank your Competition

Want to get your website and your blogs ranking in search? Then you absolutely need to make sure guest blogging is part of your strategy! In this video we talk you through how guest blogging improves your credibility in your industry, gets you in front of new audiences AND helps you increase your website traffic…

Halloween Q and A

Trick or Treat Marketing Q&A (Warning: Very Wet ⚠️)

Get ready for some Halloween antics in the form of our Q & A Apple Bobbing game! 🎃 We asked people to send us some ‘Tweet treats’ questions on Twitter. We covered everything from YouTube marketing, to Twitter video, to lead magnets and reveal our scariest moment 👻 BUT… there were some trick questions set by…

Allison Christie

The Must-Try Google Chrome Extensions for your Business

Guest Post by ATOMIC Member Allison Christie There are over 10,000 Google Chrome extensions, so it’s easy to get lost when it comes to picking the ones that are really going to make a difference to running your business. Extensions range from cat/dog/supercar wallpapers to powerful productivity tools and mean you can customise your Chrome…

watch our opening talk from atomicon 2019

Break the Catch 22s Talk Promo

If you want to know really how to level up your business, then you need to watch our opening talk from ATOMICON 2019. In it we tell the story of 4 businesses who leveled up - by doing 3 specific things. We're giving this one away for FREE!

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We promise we won't spam you and promise your email is safe with us. You may get the odd sales email, but you can opt out at any time.