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How to get paid speaking engagements

Get More Paid Speaking Gigs | 7 Steps to £10k Engagements

Want to know how to get paid speaking engagements? We do think of ourselves really lucky to have hit some huge speaking goals before we turned 30… but as the saying goes, you create your own luck. So these are the 7 steps we took to level up our speaking career and ultimately get paid…

Generate leads online

How to Generate Leads Online From Your Free Content

Ever feel like you’re creating a ton of free content, whether it’s videos, blogs, podcasts or just for social media… and find yourself wondering how it all actually leads to sales? 😳 Maybe you’ve heard marketers telling you to give a TON of valuable stuff away for free, and you’re a bit confused how it…


Landing Pages that Convert | 5 MUST HAVE Elements to Grow Your List

If you want to build your email list, you need to build landing pages that convert so you can give away awesome stuff (like ebooks or webinars) for free, in return for people’s emails. Every person you send to that landing page is precious and every dollar or pound spent getting people there needs to…

Inbox zero

Inbox Zero Everyday | How to Outsource Your Email Management and Get Your Life Back

Ever been frustrated by the amount of emails you need to reply too? Ever known you really need to be doing something else, but can’t because you need to reply to some email? Or missed an important email because you inbox is overrun? Yes? Then this video is for you! We’re going to teach you…

how to make a sales call

How to Make a Sales Call | Tips For Nice People

If you want more sales RIGHT NOW, then making a sales call is one of the quickest and effective ways to do it. At some point you WILL have to make a call to your potential customers, whether it’s a follow up call from a proposal or somebody calling you after finding you online… you…

sales proposal template

Sales Proposal Templates To Guarantee New Clients

In this video we give you this sales proposal template which never fails to win us contracts. We go through all the things you need to tick off in your proposal to make sure you win that next client, including two things that most people never add in that massively boost your chances of success.…

reach a massive audience

Going Viral: 7 Psychological Hacks To Reach A Massive Audience

I once heard of a guy who had dedicated his life to creating quality, thought-provoking short films and YouTube videos. His content was good, well-produced and complex. However, while he had won a few small-time independent awards for his work, nothing that he’d created had ever really taken off on social media. For some reason,…

engaging facebook posts

Engaging Facebook Posts that Sell! 🤑

So you’re creating a ton of content, trying to build an audience on social media… but do you ever get sick that when you talk about your products and services, those posts tank? So, how do you actually create engaging Facebook posts that actually sell? Is it possible? Well YES! We want to tell you…

are you breaking even?

Are you breaking even?

Putting a price on your work is probably the most intimidating task for any new business owner, regardless of whether you are selling a product or service. You can get caught up looking at what your competitors are charging or what you want to earn – you can often overlook the starting point. That is,…

finding your niche

Finding Your Niche | Why You DON’T Have To Have One To Be Successful

Can you be successful without finding your niche? We’re constantly being told that “The riches are in the niches” but sometimes putting pressure on yourself to find your niche can really undermine your confidence and hold you back rather than just getting on with it. We’re not saying that finding a niche doesn’t have many…

sales techniques

Sales Techniques to Get More Business… This Week!

If your life depended on it, what would you do to get more sales this week? Other than posing naked on a billboard, there’s three sales techniques you can use that will always guarantee sales quickly. We share them with you in this video so that you can get more sales! 🤑 PLUS we give you a…

Decision Making in Business

Business Decision Making | How to Make Profitable Decisions

Do you regularly feel indecisive in your business? Maybe you feel like you make the wrong decisions sometimes, or procrastinate when it comes to doing things because you feel unsure it’s the right decision? If so, you need to watch this video (we’re making that decision for you 😆) Here’s the thing, business is sometimes…


Does social media, blogging and creating content feel like a waste of time? Discover some quick to implement tactics for actually finding leads and closing business using Social Media and Content Marketing.

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We promise we won't spam you and promise your email is safe with us. You may get the odd sales email, but you can opt out at any time.