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how to get your next client

How to Get Your First (or Next) Client | 10 REAL Examples

If you’re wondering where your next (or first) client is coming from, then fear not. We have 10 proven ways to get a client. We say ‘proven’ because they actually ARE. We hopped into our ATOMIC Members group recently, and asked them to share with us all how they got their first client. There were…

how to grow your business

How to Grow Your Business | 4 Critical Steps

In this video we’re going to be talking about what it takes to double your business. Now this sounds like a big ask, but it’s totally doable and with the four things that we talk you through in this video it can happen pretty quickly too!  RELATED VIDEOS: ▶ How To Close A Sale…

facebook retargeting ads

Facebook Retargeting Ads | Easy Tutorial

You’ve probably heard about how awesome Facebook Ads are… but if done wrong… they can be a big waste of time or money or BOTH! So we asked our friend and ATOMICON 2020 speaker… Gavin Bell, who is one of the top Facebook ads guys in the GALAXY… if he wouldn’t mind showing all of…

email marketing for small business

Email Marketing for Small Business | More Sales

If you’re building an email list but NOT generating business from it then you need to grab a pen and a paper and watch this video! 👇 Whether you have a list of less than 100 people, or a list of 100,000 + we’re going to talk about strategies that WORK to turn your email…

how to write a sales page

Sales Page Template: 16 MUST Have Elements for High Conversions

Wondering how to write a sales page? In this video we give you 16 elements needed to make sure you convert more people that land on your sales pages. As we go along we want you to see how many of these things you actually have currently on your sales pages and tick them off…

close more sales

How To Close A Sale | Client Says “I’ll think about it”

There’s no worse feeling when you’re really close to a sale and the prospect says “I’ll think about it and get back to you” Wish you knew how to close a sale? Or “I don’t think this is for me right now… but it sounds great!” Eughhh ☹️ You’ve put in all this hard work…

Price Objections

“Your price is too high” – Handling the objection

Have you ever had a potential customer say to you, “Your price is too high”, “This is just too expensive, I can’t justify this right now,” or something similar? It’s really tough, isn’t it? And if you start to try to justify and reinforce why you’re so awesome and why your product or service is…

time management strategies

8 Controversial Time Management Tips | STOP these Time Sucks

Time management strategies are what you need if you’re trying to run a business, and feel like you have no time to actually work on the business, and not just in it! In this video we share 8 time sucks that if you can you can avoid, will get you so much more time back!…

How to get paid speaking engagements

Get More Paid Speaking Gigs | 7 Steps to £10k Engagements

Want to know how to get paid speaking engagements? We do think of ourselves really lucky to have hit some huge speaking goals before we turned 30… but as the saying goes, you create your own luck. So these are the 7 steps we took to level up our speaking career and ultimately get paid…

Generate leads online

How to Generate Leads Online From Your Free Content

Ever feel like you’re creating a ton of free content, whether it’s videos, blogs, podcasts or just for social media… and find yourself wondering how it all actually leads to sales? 😳 Maybe you’ve heard marketers telling you to give a TON of valuable stuff away for free, and you’re a bit confused how it…


Landing Pages that Convert | 5 MUST HAVE Elements to Grow Your List

If you want to build your email list, you need to build landing pages that convert so you can give away awesome stuff (like ebooks or webinars) for free, in return for people’s emails. Every person you send to that landing page is precious and every dollar or pound spent getting people there needs to…

Inbox zero

Inbox Zero Everyday | How to Outsource Your Email Management and Get Your Life Back

Ever been frustrated by the amount of emails you need to reply too? Ever known you really need to be doing something else, but can’t because you need to reply to some email? Or missed an important email because you inbox is overrun? Yes? Then this video is for you! We’re going to teach you…


Does social media, blogging and creating content feel like a waste of time?  Are you not making enough sales?! Copy our 5 fail-proof strategies to get more sales on demand.

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We promise we won't spam you and promise your email is safe with us. You may get the odd sales email, but you can opt out at any time.