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Apple Clips Tutorial | How to Use Apple Clips

You may have heard Apple released the app ‘Clips‘ recently. Clips is cool because it is the first mainstream app that automatically subtitles your videos – as you record them! ​It’s is a 100% free app that makes effective social media video creation EASIER and QUICKER. And come on… who doesn’t want that? In the video above we…

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How to Make a GIF

In the run up to Social Media Marketing World, we made and tweeted this GIF… …and it went down a storm! It was the top tweet for the Hashtag during the event, and check out these STATS… We got a ton of people ask us how we made it, so we explained all in this…

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How to Stand Out on Social Media | SMMW17 Takeaways

We are back from San Diego after attending Social Media Marketing World (the World’s largest and best social media conference), and in our first video back we let you in on our top takeaways to rock your social media strategy, and really stand out above your competition! The conference was an absolute BLAST! It was…

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Andrew and Pete in the USA

2 EXCITABLE MARKETERS, LET LOOSE IN THE U.S. OF A. From March 20th – March 30th, we are having some FUN in the SUN . Our first stop is San Diego for Social Media Marketing World 2017, where we will be delivering our session on: How to Create Re-tweetable Content. We’re then jumping on a…

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Meet Edgar Alternative (our new FAVE social scheduler)

For the past 12 months, we’ve been using ‘Meet Edgar’ to schedule our Social Media accounts (which is 10x better than Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck etc.) However it does comes with a hefty price tag of $79/month. BUUUT… we have recently just switched from Edgar to SmarterQueue, which is a fraction of the cost… and much…

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Best Free Video Editing Software for PC and Mac 2017

Are you looking for the best free editing software for your PC or Mac? If so, congratulations, the video above has all the answers to your questions. There are a ton of video editing options out there, but a lot of the good ones are either super expensive or complicated to use. We’ve broken it…

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