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Business Success

How to make your business a raging success!

Are you charging enough?

Pricing Quiz | Are you charging enough?

Lead magnet ideas

3 Lead Magnets That Will Quadruple Your Sales

how to create a customer avatar

Customer Avatars: How to Create One That Goes Deeper than Age Range

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Blog template | Write the Perfect Blog Every Time

Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas | 5 foolproof ways to ignite your content


How to Think Epically | ATOMICON 2020 is here

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy | How to Raise Your Prices 💰

work life balance

How to Create a Better Work Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Time Management for Entrepreneurs | 3 Huge Time Drains to Stop!

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april 28th 2020


First time here?

Hello, we're Andrew and Pete, nice to meet you. We create content (videos mainly) to help small business owners and entrepreneurs market their businesses online with Content Marketing

HOWEVER... we believe marketing should be fun, so our mission is to teach you marketing, whilst also making sure you're enjoying learning it. 

There's a ton of free stuff on this site, but our membership site ATOMIC has a whole lot more. 

If this is your first time here. Subscribe to us on YouTube and watch some of our stuff to get a feel of what we're all about.