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Twitter’s Best Engagement Tactic

Let’s give Twitter some LOVE shall we?! It’s not as hyped these days, yet it is so integrated into our day to day lives. #justsaying But it’s bloody noisy, and has lost the charm it once had compared to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram where there is less noise and more real connections being made. However…

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How to Create a Elevator Pitch for Business Networking-41

How to Create an Elevator Pitch for Business Networking

In this video and blog we tell you how to create an elevator pitch for business networking. Now, we are going to tackle this from a slightly different angle. A lot of the advice out there regarding crafting the perfect elevator pitch, includes things like: sell the benefits of your service, make it about them…

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How to write better looking blogs-39

How to Write Better Looking Blog Posts

Blogging is a true pastime of Content Marketing, but writing plain text blogs is OUT. Instead you need to be able to write better looking blog posts. Why? Because the studies have shown that when faced with a wall of text… people are clicking away! So, how do you write sexier, better looking blogs. Here’s…

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How to stay focused-37

How to Stay Focused

Hey guys, today we give you 3 tactics on how to stay focused that we have implemented at Andrew and Pete, which have allowed us to achieve more in the past year than we have in the previous 4. We 100% believe these tactics are essential. Not remaining focused and getting distracted is the number one…

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Creative Marketing Ideas-33-33

5 Creative Marketing Ideas | Real Life Examples

  Creative Marketing Ideas can be hard to come up with, so to help you out here’s 5 real life creative marketing ideas from real businesses that you can get inspiration from. 1. The Pop-Up Business Cards This one is for you if you either do a lot of networking or go to a lot…

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home page design-26

Home Page Design | Making Your Home Page a Knockout

Hey guys, today we tackle something that everybody has… and if you don’t have it, well you should… …no it’s not a copy of our brand new book… *wink wink* It’s your Home Page! Specifically your Home Page Design. We’re approaching this not from an SEO point of view, but a Human SEO point of…

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Summer Lovin on Atomic-11

This August on atomic we're focusing on marketing ourselves. People buy from people who have their ***t together, so it is important we take some time for self development in order to become better entrepreneurs.

We have 4 sessions for you covering 4 key areas: Stress, Confidence, Health and Organisation.

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