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How to Create Social Media Graphics

So, you’re not a designer and you have NO IDEA how to create those cool looking graphics you see on Social Media? You’ve given it a go… but anything you creates looks like a ruddy good mess… and not in a Jackson Pollock way… in the way that a 7 year old’s artwork on the…

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Corporate Headshot Tips | Epic Photography That Gets You Noticed

  The basic must do when it comes to Visual Marketing is having a HOT Headshot. We took that literally a couple years ago, when we blew ourselves up for ours… don’t think we’ve ever looked hotter btw. Those headshots got us noticed by SO MANY PEOPLE and resulted in a ton of business. It…

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How to Repurpose Content | 4 Easy Ways

Do you ever feel under pressure to create better content more frequently? Join the club! The benefits of creating content are plain to see, but the most successful content marketers aren’t just using their best content as a one hit wonder. Oh no! They repurpose their content in multiple formats. The best thing about this…

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Brainstorming Technique-45

A Brainstorming Technique for More Creative Ideas

Creative ideas are going to fuel your small business marketing. But most people don’t think they are ‘creative’ enough. Here’s the thing though… It’s not a case of YES I’M CREATIVE or NO I’M NOT CREATIVE. Creativity is a spectrum… even for people who think they are creative. Even we aren’t always in a creative…

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Twitter’s Best Engagement Tactic

Let’s give Twitter some LOVE shall we?! It’s not as hyped these days, yet it is so integrated into our day to day lives. #justsaying But it’s bloody noisy, and has lost the charm it once had compared to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram where there is less noise and more real connections being made. However…

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How to Create a Elevator Pitch for Business Networking-41

How to Create an Elevator Pitch for Business Networking

In this video and blog we tell you how to create an elevator pitch for business networking. Now, we are going to tackle this from a slightly different angle. A lot of the advice out there regarding crafting the perfect elevator pitch, includes things like: sell the benefits of your service, make it about them…

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